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  • Calçotada
    After seeing some Calçots de Vall for sale at Mercat Olivar in Palma, we decided it was the right time for a calçotada! Calçotadas are tasty, great fun, simple to do and if you want to have one, we’ll show you how. What is a calçotada? A calçotada is a special barbecue party to celebrate … Read more
  • Our Instagram gallery
    At Pollença Private Chefs we use Instagram regularly to showcase photos & videos of our food & business. We feature highly seasonal dishes, inspirations, local ingredients. Being private chefs in an amazing place like Pollensa means it always easy to find something visually interesting. You’ll find real dishes that we cook for our guests on … Read more
  • Homemade olives
    When we saw the first fresh green olives appearing on market stalls in the middle of September, we couldn’t resist buying some. As the olive season has gone on, we have bought and hand picked a variety of fresh olives, which have changed as the months go by and the olives transform from green to … Read more
  • Homemade ramen noodles
    We spent a little bit of time recently experimenting with making our own homemade ramen noodles to make our homemade ramen taste even better!  Ramen noodles are an alkali noodle, a unique type of noodle that means they are bouncier and chewier than other types of noodles.  We tried drying them but we definitely preferred … Read more
  • Raor fish at the market
    The Mallorcan fish you’ve probably never heard of. Visit the fish markets in Mallorca and every now and then you stumble across something a little bit special. Raor also know as Raons are one of those things! We love visiting the market and discovering the freshest fish. Every summer these rare little fish make fleeting … Read more
  • Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes
    During June & July in Mallorca it is all about tomatoes. The sunshine and summer warmth come together to create one of nature’s most special treats. Check out these tomatoes we found at the Sunday market in Pollensa – showing the diversity of different shapes and sizes that are available here.

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